Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Los Angeles

As part of a person's therapy, some drug treatment centers now offer a new type of therapy. At these facilities, you are allowed to bring your pet with you to treatment. This pet-friendly drug rehab Los Angeles has seen some incredible benefits from this program. With a pet there, the patients seem to talk more and be more open during therapy sessions.

A person who is addicted becomes isolated. One of the tremendous obstacles you must overcome and work with is re-establishing relationships with your family. The struggle is difficult and requires time and patience. You have been looking after your needs by yourself. Now you need the support of your family and friends. They need to learn to trust you again, and both of you need to learn to communicate with each other again. You also need to be able to make new friends. This is a skill that you have not been concerned with in during drug use.

When you first come to the rehab center, it is natural to feel uncomfortable. You have to deal with new people in a different place and different rules. When you go through a rehab program,  it affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therapists have found that the patient that brings their pet with them are calmer and more comfortable. A pet helps ease the feeling of being homesick.

There have been studies on Animal Assisted Therapy or AAT. Being around an animal decreases blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. It can reduce anxiety, elevate moods, decrease stress, improve anger management, raise your self-esteem, and improve your tolerance level of frustration. Pets will encourage you to be more active and keep you accountable for your well-being. This means you are also responsible for your recovery. You have a stronger desire to follow the program and recover because of the pet’s influence on you. All the group and individual therapy sessions are the same as other rehab centers. The only difference is the fact that your pet is also welcome.

Having your pet with you during rehab gives you responsibility. During your drug use, the only one you took care of was yourself. Some drug addicts were not even able to do that. With your pet being able to join you at rehab, you now have the responsibility to keep them alive and happy. This pet is dependent on you for everything. You have to feed and groom them. In return, they show you an enormous amount of affection.

Many people refuse to go to rehab for several reasons. There are things you must do without while there. There have to be alternate arrangements made for their care and maintenance while you are there.  For some is their job, family, or children. For some, it is their pet. They have a hard time separating from them. With a pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles, the ability to have your pet with you is one less excuse.

At Los Angeles Detox, we understand all you are going through and the struggle to get clean and stay sober. The staff and doctors here have the training and knowledge to help you get through this tough time in your life.

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Los Angeles
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