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As part of recovery from drug addiction, the patient may require outpatient rehab. Outpatient Rehab Los Angeles is dependent upon the number of drugs used or having completed inpatient care. Recovering addicts that their drug addiction was mild to moderate and the addiction was caught early may only require outpatient rehab. This is an excellent choice for the person who wants to live drug-free but needs the flexibility to work rehab around their schedule. If the addiction more severe or you are addicted to certain things like heroin or other opiates, then inpatient care is necessary. This is so you can have medical help while going through detox and withdrawals. Whether inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab is best for you will be decided by your doctor. He will base his decision on many factors such as what drugs you are addicted to and the severity of the addiction. Another factor is the number of times you have been to rehab before.

The first and most intense phase of outpatient rehab is partial hospitalization program or PHP. In this level of care, the patient is hospital setting for four to six of the day. They will be there three to five days a week. They receive both individual and group therapy. The patient will also receive other forms of treatment such as music therapy or art therapy. Then at night, they stay in sober House or at home. A sober house is a residential home that is shared with other recovering addicts. 

Once you have completed this level of care, you are ready to move intensive outpatient rehab. And intensive outpatient rehab you will see a therapist once a week, and you will attend group sessions once a week as well. And your therapy sessions your counselor will help you with the problems you as an individual face. You will learn how to live a life that is drug-free. They will help you to determine what triggers drug cravings and how to handle that. In the group therapy sessions, you will share your experiences with fellow members. The members of the group form lasting friendships and support each other through the tough times. Help each other learn when to seek help and had to avoid a relapse.

Intensive outpatient is completed you can move on to the least restrictive about patient care. This level is sometimes called Continued care or Aftercare. At this level, therapy sessions and group, sessions are not as often. You are introduced to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous AA or Narcotics Anonymous NA. There may also be family therapy for you and your family to reconnect. Outpatient rehab Los Angeles generally takes about three months to complete. However, some patients need the help much longer. There are some that will see a therapist for the remainder of their life.

Outpatient Rehab Los Angeles is very effective and works well. Here at LA Detox, we can help you get your life back on track and love drug free.

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