Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab

We all use alcohol to feel better and socialize with other people. But when you begin abusing it regularly, that’s when you need help. At Los Angeles Detox, we continuously treat people with alcohol problems, and our success rate is skyrocketing.

You may have tried coping with alcoholism on your own and already failed. It’s a natural outcome because it is improbable to overcome addiction on your own. Alcoholism is a mental disorder which you can only treat in our Los Angeles alcohol rehab center.

Having years of experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we know what it takes to treat this condition. You may not see a way out of your situation for the moment, but there is one. It’s time to leave compulsive drinking behind and start focusing on more important things in your life. You will learn how to do it once you sign in our rehab program.

In case you are a skeptic or unsure of what to expect, here is how the inpatient treatment will unfold:

Phase one: Screening, assessing, and planning

The first phase relies on us getting to know where you come from. Our experts will evaluate your physical and mental state and will build the rehab plan according to the findings. The factors that will influence our decision include:

  • Your age and health status
  • How much and how often you drink
  • The familial and social environment you come from
  • Whether one of your parents was or is an alcoholic
  • Your mental state and your personality

This stage is crucial in assessing your general profile. After its completion, the Los Angeles alcohol rehab treatment will start.

Phase two: The detoxification process

It will usually last for several days or even weeks. In some cases, the clinician may prescribe medication for months, especially if you’re suffering from co-occurring mental disorders. But the initial goal is to control withdrawal and eliminate the cravings.

This stage of the treatment will not only cleanse your body but will help stabilize your mind and behavior as well. It is essential to do the detox in a controlled setting, with professionals monitoring your progress. By doing it yourself, you will face unnecessary risks, including multiple side-effects, overdosing or even a new type of addiction.

Phase three: Emotional and social recovery

Once we have stabilized your psychological output and your behavioral display is back to normal, we can safely proceed to the next stage. We will use a personalized treatment to restore your emotional stability and teach you how to become socially active again. It will help you grow out of bad habits like alcoholism and will contribute to improving your life significantly.

After you have completed these phases, our Los Angeles alcohol rehab program will be nearly done. All that’s left is for our specialists to educate you and help you develop coping mechanisms to prevent the relapse. Come to our Los Angeles Detox center, and we will make sure alcoholism will become a thing of the past!

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