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Nobody is impervious to the effects of alcohol. In time, these will build up to inflict extensive physical and psychological damages. Addiction is another affection most drinkers don’t even take seriously. But we, at Los Angeles Detox, know how severe alcoholism is. Nationwide, alcoholism causes over 88,000 casualties, more than all drugs combined.

Our Los Angeles alcohol detox program has been built to help victims of alcoholism get back on track. Very few people can beat alcohol addiction on their own. Most of them fail, as withdrawal symptoms will force them to start drinking again. There is no better way of treating alcoholism than with the help of specialists, and we are among the best in the business.

We are aware that treating the symptoms and eliminating withdrawal are only the first steps in the recovery process. But the core of our rehab program relies on a series of multidisciplinary approaches which include:

Psychological therapies

The psychological treatment is conducted by our professional staff, under the supervision of a certified psychologist. The goal is first to address the co-occurring disorders many patients suffer from. You may not realize it right now, but you probably have other mental disorders aside from addiction.

Depression, PTSD, acute stress disorder or bipolar disorder, all fall into the same category. After a thorough screening process, our experts will decide the best course of action to help you recover and heal faster. And part of our popularity comes from the fact that we use personalized treatment programs. The rest is due to the success of our treatments.

Professional counseling

We are mainly interested in helping you escape alcoholism for good. This means we’ll need to resort to more than medication and psychotherapies during the Lox Angeles alcohol detox. Our professionals will use scientifically supported methods of individual counseling to help you:

  • Understand the dangers of alcohol in the long-term
  • Realize the impact of alcoholism on you and your family and friends
  • Develop coping mechanisms for controlling cravings
  • Build social skills for a successful social reintegration
  • Learn how to avoid situations that could trigger the relapse

The counseling sessions will assist you in becoming independent and functional once more. They are the best weapons we have against alcohol relapse and the best methods of improving your life significantly.

Holistic activities

Here we have group support sessions, along with plenty of recreational activities and post-detox treatment procedures. We aim to assist you in becoming more sociable and collaborate with us and with the other patients in a stress-free environment. Your recovery will speed up considerably when you have people who care about you in your proximity.

At our Los Angeles alcohol detox center, we have built a family. Many people here are in the same situation you’re in, and we’ll help you support each other along the way. At Los Angeles Detox, our team focuses on one goal alone – allow people the opportunity to change their lives completely. Come to our center, and leave alcoholism behind for good!

Los Angeles Alcohol Detox
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