Alcohol Detox Los Angeles

We all know alcohol is dangerous, especially when abused on a regular basis. But studies show that many people don’t even suspect the real extent of the damages. We’re talking about the type of harm that goes beyond the immediate side-effects experienced by the drinker. At Los Angeles Detox, we’re fighting the effects of alcoholism every day, with more people continuously checking-in at our facilities.

Our treatments of alcohol detox in Los Angeles function according to the latest scientific findings, and target not only the disorder but its underlying triggers as well. We believe that an effective treatment is one that will address all factors leading to alcoholism or worsening it for that matter. That’s why we have built our rehabilitation program based on several standard principles:

  • Treat co-occurring disorders – The Dual Diagnosis treatment counts on a medication strategy to cope with mental disorders other than alcohol addiction. These co-occurring psychological illnesses will be affected by alcoholism to the point where the symptomatology will worsen dramatically. Another crucial aspect is the fact that the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal will often mask those of mental disorders, contributing to higher relapse rates and affecting the rehab process. Under these conditions, the Dual Diagnosis treatment is a vital part of the rehabilitation program.

  • Addressing the emotional output – Many patients will show symptoms of emotional trauma and psychological problems, often serving as fuel for the addictive behaviors. When left untreated, these will usually trigger long-term psychological conditions like anxiety disorder, paranoia, an aggressive and incoherent behavior, cognitive problems and many others. We use psychotherapies and psychoanalysis to identify the causes of the emotional trauma and reduce its influence or eliminate it entirely.

  • Holistic spiritual rejuvenation – Our program of alcohol detox in Los Angeles incorporate spiritual healing as a vital part of the recovery process. People need hope, moral support, and personalized care to overcome their problems, which requires a more personal approach. For this purpose, we use support groups to help you socialize with other people in the same situation you’re in. Using compassion, care, and understanding, we’ll able to build a sense of belonging and familiarity. Our goal is to create a positive setting where you can relax, meditate, and heal.

  • Support social reintegration – We know how difficult it is to remain socially active when dealing with alcoholism. Many of our patients have problems at work, have lost the support of their friends and family, while most people simply avoid them. Fortunately, our specialists use the latest scientifically accepted social theories to help you get back on track. Managing your behavior and helping you develop mechanisms to cope with cravings and prevent relapse are the first steps towards a fast and effective recovery.

Contact us, and our team at Los Angeles Detox will schedule you for a meeting! We’re eager to meet you, find out more about your problems, and explain how we can help you become a happy, active, alcohol-free individual once more.

Alcohol Detox Los Angeles
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